1. 1
    Chemistry Games in the Classroom: A Pilot Study
    Download: JRSMTE #V1-2-3_STOJANOVSKA_PUB
    Download: 32, size: 931.8 KB, date: 17.May.2018
  2. 2
    Effects of Self-Regulation Strategies Training on Secondary Students’ Attitude and Self-Reflection Toward Mathematics
    Download: JRSMTE #V1-2-2_TEE_PUB
    Download: 25, size: 768.9 KB, date: 17.May.2018
  3. 3
    Year Five Pupils’ Understanding of Relationship Between Addition and Subtraction
    Download: JRSMTE #V1-2-1_SOMASUNDRAM_PUB
    Download: 18, size: 493.5 KB, date: 17.May.2018
  4. 4
    Computational Thinking Initiation. An experience with robots in Primary Education
    Download: JRSMTE #V1-2-4_MERINO-ARMERO_PUB.docx
    Download: 41, size: 740.3 KB, date: 17.May.2018
  5. 5
    The Correlation of Perceptions of Professional Roles and Teacher Beliefs with the Quality of Teacher Interaction
    Download: JRSMTE #V1-2-5_SASIC_PUB
    Download: 25, size: 0, date: 18.May.2018